Florida New York Style Pizza Business For Sale (Withdrawn)

$75,000 Just Reduced to $70.000
Square Feet

This 4 foot tall Hobart mixer spins flour into gold.
This 4 foot tall Hobart mixer spins flour into gold




4 Reasons Buying The Pizza Nazi’s Place Could Make You Wealthy

Remember the Soup Nazi from the Seinfeld show?  The guy loved making great soups but hated customers.  This Pizza Nazi isn’t that bad. He loves making great pizza but doesn’t care to chat with customers while working.  He loves his customers but just wants to focus on making the best New York style pizza pies around.

That’s good for you for 4 good reasons…

Reason 1.  The Pizza’s and other treats have earned 4.5 and 5 Star ratings on Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor.  1st rule of success in a restaurant is GOOD FOOD.  When you buy it, the secret recipes and formulas are revealed to you.  Just follow them and don’t change a thing because the food as-is is a success.

Reason 2. No Delivery.  The only online complaint about this Pizzeria is… He has no delivery. Zip, zero, nada.  If he did sales would boost a bare-bones-minimum of $4,000 to $6,000 a month.  And probably much, much more.

Reason 3.  No table service.  There is a row of booths and several tables, people can sit at as well as several outside.  By taking orders tableside, one may be able to boost sales and profits.

Reason 4.  No Advertising.  The owner ran one flyer in the paper to one small targeted audience once.  Sales increased and settled in at at a permanent $400 a month.   A secret to marketing is.   You could insert that flyer every 3 months and gain $400 or more permanent increase each time. So yes in 12 months this alone would boost monthly sales $1,600 per month with an annual increase sales level of $19,000.  And if run ads in 2 or 3 other areas, your results should be similar.

These 4 points are great for you because if you just keep making the food with his recipes and correct the other 3 items… dramatically increasing profits is pretty much a certainty!

New York Pizza is Common in New York… but in Florida you get a Gold Mine!

Geographic Arbitrage: Taking something plentiful and loved in one part of the world then selling it where it is rare and hard to find for huge profits.  Here’s your chance you clever rascal you.

Which explains why this Pizzeria and Bakery pulls New York pizza lovers like iron filings to a magnet.


4.5—5 Star Rave Reviews and Recently Won a Local Pizza Competition Hands Down.

This place has earned 4.5 and 5 Star ratings from adoring customers on Yelp, Google and Tripadvisor.  Thinking about it, as you well know, nothing could be more crucial to pizzeria success than great pies?

You’ll find this Pizzeria & Bakery Fully equipped not just with ovens but backroom kitchen facilities for baking and creating.  You also have tables, booths and because of the great Florida weather, year round useable outside tables as well!

Room for Improvement

This Pizzeria gives you good income. currently about $85,000 in profits and owner benefits.  Which of course would be enough to cover your living expenses in Florida to make the move.

Why are they not doing these things?  And why is the owner selling?

The owner, an experienced restaurateur had no desire to go into the pizza business.  Then one day a friend convinced him it would be a good idea to partner up.  So he did. And, as these things often go,  The friend did more golfing and fishing than carrying his weight. So of course, they decided to part ways.  Now the current owner, who never really wanted to be in the pizza business anyway, is tired and wants out.  And therein lies your opportunity.

So if you actually like making pizza… just imagine your life just 9 months from now…

A typical day.  You stroll in around 10:00 or 10:30 AM; greet your employee who is firing up the ovens, prepping fresh pizza toppings and reloading the bakery case with fresh Cannoli and other treats. You grab a cappuccino… walk in back, close the door and whip up the “Secret Ingredients” that earn your New York Style pizza its fame.

Nine month’s ago you only paid $50 grand for this place and looking back you think… “Buying this place is one of the smartest decisions I ever made.  My little diamond in the rough, was making about $85,000 in profits a year.  But Now… After just a few simple tweaks profits quickly doubled to $160,000… hitting $200,000 plus is on the near horizon.  And I’m just warming up! ”

As you boost sales…

every penny over your hard cost of making that pie… that cannoli or that salad… goes straight to your bottom-line profits.  Because this place is already covering it’s overhead and showing profits.

Your choice now…

You can keep work full time or put a manager in place and just work on your business rather than in it.

* Future profit projections are hypothetical and not guaranteed but believed to be very conservative to what you can realize.

A look at the rounded numbers:

Annual sales  $         246,000 100%
Fixed Expenses
Rent/CAM/Trash  $           27,600
Utilities  $             4,800
 $           32,400 13%
Variable expenses
Misc Overhead  $         128,100 52%
Profit/Owner Benefits  $           85,500 35%

If this looks interesting to you, here’s what you want to do…

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